Pure Heroin Powder


Pure Heroin Powder

Pure Heroin Powder. Heroin is a white or brown powder or a black, sticky goo. It’s an opioid drug made from morphine, a natural substance in the seedpod of the Asian poppy plant. Also mixed with water and injected with a needle, smoked or snorted up the nose. All of these ways of taking heroin send it to the brain very quickly. This makes it very addictive.

Major health problems from heroin include miscarriages, heart infections, and death from overdose. People who inject the drug also risk getting infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

However, regular use of heroin can lead to tolerance. This means users need more and more drug to have the same effect. At higher doses over time, the body becomes dependent on heroin. If dependent users stop heroin, they have withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, diarrhea and vomiting, and cold flashes with goose bumps.

The opioid family of drugs includes natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic opioids. Natural opioids found in the opium poppy include Opiates, such as morphine and codeine. Synthetic opioids, such as methadone, are chemically made. Heroin – a semi-synthetic opioid: Also made from morphine chemically processed. It enters the brain quickly and produces a more immediate effect.


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