EG-018 Research Chemical


EG-018 Research Chemical

EG-018 Research Chemical. It is frequently viewed as a clone or replacement of JWH-018 with the benzene ring, which is adjusted to the amino alkylindole group. For so you know, EG-018 is a poorly studied experimental agent. Its basic and long-lasting toxicological properties or physiological characteristics haven’t been completely studied and evaluated yet. So, the substance isn’t approved for human or animal consumption. One can buy EG-018 for scientific applications and studies only.

The strong compound’s molecular formula is C28H25NO. Being very closely related to the category of JWH and especially JWH-018, the compound has many of its features, properties and characteristics.

With its full chemical formula naphthalen-1-yl(9-pentyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)methanone, EG-018 for sale is known as a new synthetic chemical compound that consists of:

  • naphthoyl group as well as amino alkylindole moiety.
  • The substance recipe for EG-018 is C28H25NO.
    There has been little research done on 2NE1. So it offers an extraordinary open door for you to think about its belongings. And  also gain a more noteworthy comprehension of one of the fresher cannabinoids available.
    It ought to be connected in vitro, and thus not appropriate for human consumption.
    EG-018 with a precise or IUPAC name of naphthalen-1-yl(9-pentyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl) methanone has a correct mass of 391.19 and an atomic load of 391.50. The compound equation for it is C28H25NO. Research on the compound is thin however it is known to be a comparative of JWH-018, which implies it has comparative attributes.


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