Dimethylphenidate Research Chemical


Dimethylphenidate Research Chemical

Dimethylphenidate Research Chemical

A new research chemical. The research chemical has a chemical formula of C16H23NO2. As well as a formal name of Phenyl-piperidin-2-yl-acetic acid isopropyl ester and a molecular mass of 261.17

Since Dimethylphenidate is so new on the market, research data is not available; however, it is closely related to similar chemical. Due to this, we can look at research published pertaining to compound to learn more.

Research on compound was published by ACD/Labs’, US Environmental Protection Agency’s EPISuite, and ChemAxon. In the reports by ACD/Labs the chemical has 3 hydrogen acceptors, 1 hydrogen donor, 5 freely rotating bonds. Has an index of refraction of 1.520, with a surface tension of 39.2±3.0 dyne/cm. Also a flash point of 161.3±20.9 °C and a boiling point of 343.1±17.0 °C at 760 mmHg.

The research published by US Environmental Protection Agency’s EPISuite showed the boiling point to be 345.59, a melting point of 109.36, and water solubility at 25 deg C (mg/L): 400.4. Removal in wastewater treatment showed total removal at 8.76%, total biodegradation at .15% total sludge adsorption at 8.62%, and total to air at 0.00%.

Dimethylphenidate is reportedly and according to several studies has a higher attraction to the dopamine transporter, but much less activity in the norepinephrine receptors, apparently this causes more euphoria with much less nervous side effects than methylphenidate.


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