Dibutylone Stimulant Drug


Dibutylone Stimulant Drug

Dibutylone Stimulant Drug

Also known as bk-DMBDB, is a drug which causes psychedelic effects. It is categorized alongside other drugs such as cathinone, amphetamine, and phenethylamine. Dibutylone shares a similar structure to methylone, a “designer drug” which is often marketed in products such as bath salts.

Like many drugs in its class, it comes in a powder form which is bright white and puffy. It also has a slight smell that closely resembles citric-acid. People who have taken this drug have often reported a “rush”. And stated that the effects of Dibutylone are similar to that of MDMA.

In comparison to other drugs like this, many users find that the experience is mild at best. Thus, only resulting in a slight euphoric experience. Only a very small number of users have cited this, however, with the others mostly citing no change in mental state whatsoever. Some noted a pleasant rush, openness when it comes to sharing emotions and thoughts, and a positive lift in mood.

Some common side effects users of Dibutylone have cited include feelings of a heavy chest, an increase in heart rate, and constipation. Many compare it to other MDMA chemical substances, except they claim this substance has more controllable effects in comparison to others.


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