Buy Quaaludes Pills Online



Buy Quaaludes Pills Online

Buy Quaaludes Pills Online

A hypnotic drug also known as methaqualone. Thus a central nervous system depressant that triggers euphoria and drowsiness, similar to the description of diazepam use. A Quaalude high can also reduce heart rate and respiration and increase sexual arousal. In recent years, Quaaludes have become a focus of drug addiction.

Methaqualone is synthesized from compounds including anthranilic acid, N-acetylanthranilic acid, and N-acetyl-o-toluidine. However, illegal drug laboratories manufacture counterfeit pills and use “fillers” such as talcum powder and heroin, which makes the drug that much more dangerous to ingest.

Paraesthesias, or a pins and needles sensation is also a reported side effect. Users of methaqualone can experience a higher pain threshold, resulting in injuring themselves without realizing it. Since the drug also slows down thought processes, actions to avoid serious injuries may be ignored or drastically slowed.

Methaqualone effects peak one to two hours after ingested, with the full effect lasting up to eight hours. Users who take this drug on a regular basis, can quickly build up a tolerance to it, requiring greater amounts to achieve the desired effects. This can result in the shutdown of the central nervous system which can lead to coma and in worse cases, death.


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