Buy 25I-NBOMe Research Chemical



Buy 25I-NBOMe Research Chemical

Buy 25I-NBOMe Research Chemical

A derivative of the substituted phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-I. Also a designer drug and it’s effects aren’t well known yet. Recreational usage started out a couple years ago, and there have been a couple deaths from irresponsible use. The chemical has threshold psychoactive effects at 50-250ug (0.050-0.250mg), and is usually sold in blotter hits that contain 1000ug (1mg) of the chemical even though that is a very strong dose.
It is usually known for its mouth numbing bitter taste and long come-up. The visuals are slightly different than LSD, but not by much. It has an interesting head-space VERY similar to LSD and a powerful euphoric value not unlike low doses of ecstasy (MDMA).
The duration is also significantly shorter, lasting 7-8 hours before one is able to act fully sober on a normal dosage. There is a body load though; the chemical feels very toxic and can produce a wide variety of unusual effects ranging from testicular pain to headaches to cramps. This drug is safe enough that you will be fine taking doses ranging from 50ug to 1500ug. But taking more can cause lead so serious complications.
To take the chemical one should put it right over their front teeth, on their gums (buccually). One should keep the tab in their mouths for 45 minutes to an hour for maximum effects. The tolerance is about the same as LSD, wait 2 weeks and you’ll have no tolerance to the drug.
This drug should never be sold as LSD.


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