Bromadol Chemical Powder



Bromadol Chemical Powder

Bromadol Chemical Powder

An extremely high-potency opioid first synthesized by Daniel Lednicer in the 1970s , but also not used in medicine.
However on the research chemical market for a few months and still sold there as a legal opioid (more on that under the title “Legal status”).
This substance has an arylcyclohexylamine structure but is not a dissociative, as are many other arylcyclohexylamines.

This is a very dangerous substance! The pure substance should not be purchased by anyone who does not own a laboratory.
Even touching the pure substance can lead to death – as well as unwanted inhalation by sneezing while handling bromadol.
It is absolutely necessary to work with respiratory protection & gloves & to clean the workplace extremely thoroughly!
Already invisible amounts of bromadol are potentially lethal.
Again: Bromadol can quickly lead to death !

The effects and side effects listed here are all very subjective and are perceived differently by each person.
They do not always have to occur and there may be other, unmentioned effects.
These lists should not serve as a guarantee, but as a guide.

  • pain-killing
  • Euphoric – Less euphoria than many other opioids.
  • Sedating (inducing sleep)
  • Relieves anxiety, lowering the inhibition threshold
  • Feeling of security – Why people who are in search of security because of an experience or the life situation and do not receive it in interpersonal relationships, are much more addicted to addiction!
  • Anesthetic – As good of the body, as of the feelings


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