ALPHA-PPP Research Chemical


ALPHA-PPP Research Chemical

ALPHA-PPP Research Chemical

With similar appetite suppressant properties to diethylpropion; Alpha-PPP (AKA α-Pyrrolidinopropiophenone or α-PPP) is a stimulant like compound with chemical similarities to the cathinone class. Although not officially sold for any form on in vivo studies, Alpha-PPP has been characterized in animal studies to possess stimulant properties. Alpha-PPP has structural similarity to Methcathinone, Pyrovalerone and MDPV with lower predicted affinity for the monoamine transporters; dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. So for this reason many believe substances such as MDPV were more popular research analogues for these monamine transporters.

Although Alpha-PPP is most commonly classified as a chemical analogue of diethylcathinone and diethylpropion, it has also been closely related to the popular research chemical MPPP or 4’-methyl-α-pyrrolidinopropiophenone.

Interestingly, some animal research has been conducted on Alpha-PPP with Male Wistar rats having the compound administered in controlled laboratory conditions. This has led to the identification of various metabolites, one of which being Cathinone. So, this strongly suggests a pharmacodynamics similarity to other cathinone like chemicals.


Therefore, our research chemicals delivered can only be used for supervised in vitro studies under adequate laboratory conditions. Human or animal ingestion of research chemicals is strictly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions and could be potentially harmful.


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