5F-CUMYL-PINACA Research Chemical


5F-CUMYL-PINACA Research Chemical

5F-CUMYL-PINACA Research Chemical

A high quality Research Chemicals. You can buy this product online at wholesale price from trust supplier. In recent years e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes have become an attractive alternative to smoking tobacco. A new trend is the use of e-liquids containing synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) instead of smoking cannabis or herbal mixtures laced with SCs. In the frame of a systematic monitoring of the online market of ‘legal high’ products, e-liquids from online retailers who also sell herbal blends were bought.

The toxicological and physiological properties are not known.
Synthetic cannabinoids like might display high affinity for peripheral CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

Buy 5F-CUMYL-PINACA Online,  The products were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. In some of the e-liquids an unknown compound was detected which was identified as the SC 5F-Cumyl-PINACA (1-(5-fluoropentyl)-N-(2-phenylpropan-2-yl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide) by nuclear magnetic resonance analysis. To investigate the phase I metabolism of this new class of compounds. 5F-Cumyl-PINACA and also its non-fluorinated analog Cumyl-PINACA were incubated with pooled human liver microsomes (pHLM). Cumyl-PINACA was additionally ingested orally (0.6 mg) by a volunteer in a controlled self-experiment. So to assess the relative potency of Cumyl-PINACA a set of SCs were characterized using a cAMP assay.



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