4-CMC Research Chemical



4-CMC Research Chemical

4-CMC Research Chemical

A research chemical (aka New Psychoactive Substance, NPS) derived from methcathinone intended to be stimulant and euphoric.


Chlorine-substituted cathinones (or amphetamines) are sometimes highly neurotoxic (brain-damaging), which is why 4-CMC is suspected of being a potent neurotoxin.

Nothing is known about the actual toxicity as there are no scientific studies on this substance.
Even user reports are hard to find because many consumers avoid this new psychoactive substance because of its potential harmfulness, which is definitely the more sensible and better choice.

4-CA is a highly neurotoxic substance that selectively kills neurons and 4-CMC is the methylcathinone derivative of 4-CA.
It is quite possible that the toxic effects also occur in 4-CMC, which is why it is really not recommended to consume!

Because of its structural similarity to mephedrone (4-MMC), 4-CMC is marketed as a mephedrone replacement.

In addition to 4-CMC, ethyl-hexedron, 2-MMC, 3-CMC or Mexedron are currently also available as mephedrone (4-MMC) or 3-MMC replacement / alternative / replacement.
Compared with those mentioned, 4-CMC is described by most consumers as a more suitable mephedrone replacement.

There is very little information about this substance!
Hardly any reports from consumers and certainly very few scientific papers.
Accordingly, the consumption is an unpredictable risk, possible toxic effects may be undetected.
We strongly advise against taking it!
The following information is a collection of information taken from reports about this designer drug. We can not guarantee that it is correct and recommend that you consult any other sources.


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